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Virtual Box Network Settings Configuration


Virtual Box Network Settings Configuration

Hi Guys again welcome you to our blog and today I will tell you how you can access the internet in your virtual box with your WiFi and I will show all this on my Kali Linux machine.configuration.


You can see that my machine is not having Internet access, I am not able to Ping Google and it is messaging me with the (name of Service Not Known).
That means my internet services are not on.


Then you can see that my machine has a wired connection but it is not connected, only I am getting a message showing the connecting. So now we will fix this error.

1. Configuration – Going The Network Settings

So first you will see some such icons on the right corner, from which you have to right click on the network icon and then click above the network settings as shown in the photo.

Virtual Box Network Settings.

2. Configure The Network

Then you will see some such type of window in front of it, inside it you have to suck the bridge adapter on the bar with Attached to and then in the name section below it, you have to select your WiFi to save all the settings after these. Click OK as shown in the photo.

3. Configuration – Restart Network Services

Command :- service network-manager restart

Then after this, you have to restart your Kali Linux network services, whose command will be found at the top.

By this command your machine’s network services will be restarted.

After restarting the network services you can see that now my machine is having internet access and I am also able to pink Google successfully and all my packets have been received successfully.

After that, you can see that the wire connection in my machine is now written as connected which means that my machine is now having internet access.

Then after that your internet services will start successfully.

4. How To Connect The LAN

The wire connection written here is coming from your virtual machine because if you access the Internet with WiFi or LAN cable in the virtual box.

Then the wire connection that you will have. If you are accessing the internet through a LAN cable in your virtual box, then you have to go inside the network settings. Remove the WiFi from the name section and save it by choosing the LAN connection, then after that, you can also access the internet from the LAN.

If you find any kind of problem in this whole process, then you can comment and ask me.

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