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Reset Kali Linux Root Password Without Confirmation


Reset Kali Linux Root Password Without Confirmation

Hi, Guys again welcome you to our blog and today I will tell you how you can reset your password by taking your Kali Linux without entering the old password.

You can see that it is telling my password wrong. So now we reset the password for which you will have to restart your Kali Linux.

1. Restart Your Kali Linux.

After restarting, you have to select the advanced option. Because we have to edit a file which we will get in the advanced option.

Then you have to edit any recovery mode, for which you have to select the recovery mode and press the (E) button. So that the files of recovery mode will open in an editor.

After this, some such window will open in front of you, you have to scroll down this window and go down to where you will get the lines that have to be edited.

2. Edit The File

After coming down, you can see in the red box that we have to edit some lines of Linux which you see in the photo.

Command :- (1) replace (RO) to (RW) (2) Add the line = init=/bin/bash

In Lines, you have to write (RW) instead of (OR) which means read and write so that you can read this file and you can also write it, then after that, you have to go to the end of the line and get some text Will to have to add Which has been given to you and is also shown in the photo. After this, you have to press the (F10) button to save all these things and to reset the password.

After pressing the button, some type of terminal will open in front of you, from where you will have to reset your password.

3. Reseting The Password

Command :- Your User Name Command Is = passwd root

Here first you have to give your user whose password you want to reset as shown in the photo, then after this, it will ask for a new password and confirmed password which will be your daily password. Enter after inserting it.

You can see that my root password has been successfully reset, after that you will have to restart your Kali Linux again and go to the login form.

After this, you have to enter your root user name and the password you had set, put it in the password form, and click on the sign-in button.

You can see that I am logged in my Kali Linux, you can also see my user name.

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