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Fix Update and Slow Download_Error in Kali Linux


Fix Update and Slow Download_Error in Kali Linux

Hi Guys, Welcome back to our blog and today I will tell you how you can solve the update and that slow downloading errors on your Kali Linux.

First of all open the terminal of your Kali Linux.

1. Fix Update and Slow Download_Error

Now you can see that some kind of error show is happening on updating in my terminal. So now we will fix it. For which you will have to edit a file. So that both your slow speed and update problem will be solved.

2. Open A Repo File

Command :- leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

First of all, you have to paste the above command in your terminal so that a file will open in front of you in a file editor. We have to edit this file.

After pasting the command, some such type of file will open in front of you, in which some text is written, which is a repose of your Kali Linux.

Then you have to search in the Google search bar (Kali Linux slow update) and then you have to click on the first result as shown in the photo.

3. Copy The New Repose

Then you will have a windows open in front of you, by scrolling you will get some such text lines which you have to copy. This is New Repose to take your Kali Linux.

4. Replace The Repose

Then you have to go back to your file editor and remove all the taxes inside the file and replace the new repose so that new files and software can be updated inside your Kali Linux, then save and close the file.

5. Update Again The Kali Linux.

Command :- apt-get update

After this, you have to come back to your Linux terminal and then you have to update again, then you can see that my Linux have started to be updated and its error has been removed and because of these repose, my updating speed also fast. You can see it in the photo.

Command :- apt-get upgrade -y

You can see that my Kali Linux has been successfully updated and after this the upgrade has also started, which is also happening at high speed.

Thank you.

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