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Ethical hacking bootcamp training is an intensive program that prepares individuals for a career in cybersecurity.

Network Pen-Testing

Network pen-testing is a technique to identify and fix security weaknesses in computer networks.

Web Pen-Testing

Web pen-testing is a technique to identify and fix security weaknesses in web-based systems.

Mobile Pen-Testing

Mobile pen-testing is a technique to identify and fix security weaknesses in mobile-based systems.

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About Ethical Hacking Bootcamp Training 2023

A program is called a "ethical hacking bootcamp" educates students how to spot and deal with potential security risks in computer networks and systems.

Ethical hacking bootcamp training helps to enhance cybersecurity by equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and address potential security threats before they can be exploited.

A successful completion of an ethical hacking bootcamp can lead to a variety of career prospects in the rapidly expanding industry of cybersecurity.

An better understanding of cybersecurity risks and best practises among individuals and organizations can result in a more secure online environment for all users thanks to ethical hacking bootcamp training.


Join Best Ethical hacking bootcamp training course in Delhi

Recon is the Best Ethical Hacking bootcamp training 2023 Institute for B.Tech / M.TECH / BE / B.SC / M.SC / MCA / BCA / CS / CSE / IT / Information Technology / Engineering Students. Ethical Hacking bootcamp training 2023 in Delhi Offer by Recon for all engineering domains. Join Recon for Top Ethical Hacking bootcamp training 2023 Institute for BE / B.Tech / B.SC / CSE /IT / Information Technology/ BCA / MCA / M.SC / B.Tech / M.Tech / Engineering Students. Recon is one of Delhi's best and well-known Ethical Hacking bootcamp training 2023 Institute with high-tech infrastructure.

Live Project Project development is an important part of the curriculum during Ethical Hacking bootcamp training 2023 programs for students. Learn step by step and Recon (Best Ethical Hacking bootcamp training 2023 Institute for CS Student / CSE Student / IT Student / Computer Science / B.Tech / BA Student / M.Tech Student/ BCA Student / MCA Students / B.SC Students / M.SC Students) In addition to training, it also ensures that students work on project development to learn the practical aspects of their subject area. In this way, students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned. It helps to build and develop a solid foundation. In addition to these, there will be personality development and interview preparation sessions to prepare them for the job interview. Ethical Hacking bootcamp training 2023 projects should be considered as an important factor to confirm and evaluate the technical aspects of the candidate in the interview.

Ethical Hacking Summer Internship Training Syllabus

Ethical Hacking Course content
21 Lectures - 45 to 50 Hours
🔶 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
🔶 Kali Linux Hands on Training
🔶 Reconnnaissance
      • Active Foot-Printing
      • Passive Foot-Printing
      • Finger Printing Active/Passive

🔶 Scanning Networks
      • Host Discovery
      • TCP/UDP Port Scanning
      • Vulnerability Scanning

🔶 Enumeration
🔶 System Hacking
      • Physical Access (Windows / Linux OS)

🔶 Malware & Threats
      • Virus / Worms
      • Trojan Horse
      • Ransomware
      • Polymorphic Virus
      • Macro Virus
      • Micro Virus
      • Rootkit, etc.
🔶 Social Engineering
      • Phishing Attacks
      • Vishing Attack, etc.

🔶 Denial of Service
      • DOS (Deial of Service)
      • DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service)

🔶 Session Hijacking
🔶 Wireless Hacking
      • WEP / WPA / WPA2 Wi-Fi Hacking

🔶 Mobile Hacking
🔶 Hacking Web-Application (with BurpSuite)
🔶 SQL Injection
      • Automatic tool based
      • Manual SQL Injection

🔶 Hacking Web Server
🔶 Sniffing / Sniffers
      • MITM Attack
      • DNS Attack
      • DHCP Attack
      • MAC Address Attack, etc.

🔶 IDS, Firewall, Honeypot
🔶 Cryptography
🔶 Basics of Cloud Computing / Hacking
🔶 IoT Hacking
🔶 Basics of Penetration Testing

🟢 Online / Offline Training
🟢 Live Practical training
🟢 80% Practical Training
🟢 20% Theory Training
🟢 Certificate after completion
🟢 Interview Questions
🟢 Test After completion
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