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About This Course

Recon Cyber Security provided best accredited CTF Training that offers the best CTF Training on practical exams that help aspirants gain professional skills. Students are given the opportunity to gain practical experience of participating in real CTF Challenge projects. The Recon Cyber Security CTF Training Course in Delhi is run under the highly experienced industry professionals as it operates on a mix of practical learning and learning theory. This type of comprehensive behavioral training with good exposure facilitates the complete transition of the student into a professional.Capture The Flag (CTF) Training is a kind of information security competition that challenges contestants to solve a variety of tasks. Like: basic programming exercises, to hacking your way into a server to steal data.


What is Capture of Flag (CTF)?

The rules for the handling of the flag also vary from game to game and deal mostly with the disposition of the flag after a failed attempt at capturing it. In one variant, after a player is tagged while carrying the flag, it is returned to its original place. In another variant, the flag is left in the location where the player was tagged. This latter variant makes offensive play easier, as the flag will tend, over the course of the game, to be moved closer to the dividing line between territories. In some games, it is possible for the players to throw the flag to teammates. As long as the flag stays in play without hitting the ground, it is allowed for the players to pass.

When the flag is captured by one player, they’re not safe from being tagged, unless they trip. Sometimes, the flag holder may not be safe at all, even in their home territory, until they obtain both flags, thus ending the game. But they have the option to return to their own side or hand it off to a teammate who will then carry it to the other side. In most versions, they may not throw the flag but only hand it off while running. The game is won when a player returns to their own territory with the enemy flag or both teams’ flags. Also, as a general rule, the flag carrier may not attempt to free any of their teammates from jail.


Course Content and Syllabus for CTF Training

Recon CTF Training content fulfills the requirement of both basic as well as advanced level CTF training.The Recon CTF Training in Delhi is designed based on industry recommendations and student needs.Recon is the best CTF Training center in Delhi The CTF Training syllabus is…

CTF Training Syllabus



33 Lessons


MODULE 1 :- Introduction
MODULE 2 :- Basic Linux and Commands
MODULE 3 :- Netcat Tutorials
MODULE 4:- Port Scanning
MODULE 5:- Enumeration
MODULE 6:- Passive Info Gathering
MODULE 7 :- Reverse Shell
MODULE 8 :- Intro to Overflows
MODULE 9 :- Windows BO Example
MODULE 10 :- Linux BO Example
MODULE 11 :- Using Public Exploits
MODULE 12 :- File Transfers
MODULE 13 :- Linux Privilege Escalation
MODULE 14 :- Web Application Attacks
MODULE 15 :- Password Cracking
MODULE 16 :- Port Fun
MODULE 17 :- Metasploit Framework
MODULE 18 :- Antivirus Avoidance
MODULE 19 :- Misconfigured Lab Setup WordPress lab Setup & Pentesting



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