Cloudflare HTTP to HTTPS converting and Minify Your website


Cloudflare HTTP to HTTPS converting and Minify Your website

So Hi Friends, welcome back to my blog and today I will tell you how you can turn on HTTPS in your Cloudflare website and website URL how I will bring HTTPS in place of HTTP.

So first you have to open the account of Cloudflare -HTTP.

You can see that my website has been submitted inside Cloudflare and my traffic map is also seeing me which has 2 unique visitors. You can also track your traffic from here.

1. Secure Your Website Data

After this you have to click on the button SSL / TLS. After that you will have to select SSL on Flexible in the overview so that your data will be encrypted.

2. HTTPS – Enable HTTPS On Your Website

To turn on HTTPS, you have to click above the button with the Edge certificate. After clicking on the button, you will see that my website is active in my status and a certificate has also been assigned to my website.

You must turn on Always Use HTTPS to turn on HTTPS so that HTTPS will be turned on on your site.

You can see that my HTTPS success has been turned on.

3. Add Page Rules On Your Website

If you want to add page rules above your website, then you have to click above the Page rule button. Then after this, you can see that I have added 3-page rules on top of my website. You can add three pages of rules to your free plan for free and then after that, you will have to pay the charges.
After this, you can see that my website has become 50 times faster than before because I have put an SSL certificate on my website and encrypted the data.

4. HTTPS – Enable Auto Minify

After this, in order to load your website faster, you will have to scroll down and then tick the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML on the Auto Minify option.

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