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Included Services

  • Interview Preparation
  • 1,2,4 Hour Batches
  • 35 GB Hacking Toolkit
  • 45 to 50 Hours course Duration

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  • 1 Year Membership
  • Hindi or English Language
  • Online and Offline Training
  • 7+ Year Experience Trainer

Apple IOS Application Pen-Testing course syllabus

Apple IOS Application Pen-Testing Course Content
24 Lectures - 30 Hours
🔶 Introduction
🔶 Introduction to IOS Apps
🔶 Challenges with IOS lab setup
🔶 Lab setup with jailbreaken IOS device
🔶 Setting up XCODE
🔶 Installing Apps in IOS device
🔶 Decrypting IOS applications
🔶 Introduction to SecureStorev2
🔶 Dumpping class information
🔶 Jailbreak detection bypass
🔶 IOS Traffic analysis
🔶 Introduction to Frida / Frida CLI
🔶 Frida Scripts to trace HTTP calls
🔶 Introduction to end-to-end Encryption
🔶 Introduction to hopper
🔶 Jailbreak detection using hopper
🔶 SSL pinning attack
🔶 Pentesting Local Data storage
🔶 Pentesting Uninteded Data Leakage
🔶 Pentesting client side injection
🔶 Traffic Analysis
🔶 RunTime Analysis
🔶 Network Attacks
🔶 Reporting
🟢 Online / Offline Training
🟢 20 Gb Toolkit
🟢 Live Practical training
🟢 80% Practical Training
🟢 20% Theory Training
🟢 Certificate after completion
🟢 Interview Questions
🟢 Test After completion
🟢 24x7 Support
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frequently asked questions

Most common question about Apple IOS Application Pen-Testing

iOS Application Penetration Testing is a security assessment process that involves evaluating the security posture of an iOS application. It aims to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential exploits within the application to ensure it can resist unauthorized access and protect user data.

iOS App Penetration Testingis crucial to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. It helps ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user data and prevents potential security breaches.

The process involves various stages such as reconnaissance, vulnerability analysis, exploitation, post-exploitation, and reporting. Skilled security professionals use both automated tools and manual testing techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

Common vulnerabilities include insecure data storage, insufficient authentication and authorization mechanisms, insecure network communication, code injection, insecure file handling, and inadequate session management.

Yes, automated tools are often used for initial scanning and vulnerability identification. However, manual testing is essential for in-depth analysis and to identify complex vulnerabilities that automated tools might miss.

A licensed penetration tester is a professional who has received certification from an organization that provides recognized standards and credentials for penetration testing. These certifications often require a combination of education, experience, and testing to demonstrate proficiency in conducting penetration testing.

Penetration testing should be conducted with proper authorization. Performing penetration testing without explicit permission is illegal and could lead to serious consequences. Always obtain written consent from the application owner before conducting any security assessments.

It is recommended to conduct iOS App Penetration Testing regularly, especially after significant updates or changes to the application. Quarterly or bi-annual testing is common, but the frequency may vary based on the criticality of the application and the evolving threat landscape.

After testing, a detailed report is generated, highlighting vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for remediation. The application owner can then use this information to enhance the security of the application.

Look for reputable cybersecurity firms or individuals with expertise in iOS App Penetration Testing. Check for certifications, reviews, and past experience to ensure the chosen professional or firm has a proven track record in the field.

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