All About Bug Hunting


All About Bug Hunting

Read the article below to know about bug hunting, Basic understanding of bug hunting.

Bug hunting is the process of searching for bugs, finding vulnerabilities, and reporting the reward to the security team of the site. Bug hunter work is found vulnerabilities in software, websites, and web applications.

In simpler terms bug bounty is a program where you get paid to find bugs in any application. That application can be a desktop application, software, android, website, anything. The applications are given by companies to check for bugs and vulnerabilities.

Bug bounties are a great way to get into the InfoSec community and build your career. Be a bug hunter is a way to make money, meet new people, improve your skills, and even build out your resume. In HackerOne, you get solved bugs. You can learn here how bug hunter solves bugs.

If you are a bug hunter or you know bug hunting and other testing technique then you can starts on Bug Bounty here – Hacker-Powered Security Testing, Crowdsourced CybersecurityBugcrowd.

If you are not familiar with anything regarding this field, want to learn all basic to advance things (Ethical hacking, Networking, Penetration Testing, Bug bounty program) you can register yourself.

Earning Money as a Bug Hunter

The amount of money you earn depends on your knowledge. A single bug can give you 40$ to 3000$ depending upon its severity. It can be less or even larger depending upon how much the company is willing to pay.
As a bug bounty, On specific platforms like Hackerone, a small bug is awarded 50–100$ and a critical bug can give you 1500–2000$ on average.

If you want to become a successful bug hunter or starts a career in bug bounty, you need to follow some steps.

  1. You must have knowledge of computer fundamentals and how a computer works.
  2. Knowledge of the operating system (Windows, Linux) is a must.
  3. You must know the top vulnerability of every year. You should know about ‘OWASP top 10’. Read ‘OWASP top 10’ and their subcategories you will get to know what are these and how this bug affects any platform.
  4. Hacking a lifelong learning journey. Always be updated read new articles, read books.
  5. If you are a beginner, don’t try to find a bug in Facebook, Google, etc. They are very big companies. Finding a bug in these company are very difficult as compare to others.
  6. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and how a website works is a plus point.
  7. Should know 1 programming language. We prefer python, with python you can automate most of the tasks.
  8. knowledge of git and GitHub.
  9. Remember, always do well and treat people well. This is a small community and we love to take care of each other.

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